Truth is, we ALL need encouragement from others to make it in daily life. God designed us that way! We are all like ships going into unknown waters. That is why we have small groups at St. Matthew’s. These SMALL GROUPS form the relationships that make the difference in your spiritual Growth – and these are the people who are not only “there” for you but care for you when the tough times hit.

Besides small groups, there are a number of ways you can find immediate help through St. Matthew’s. If you are hurting, we would love to show you Gods love by helping any way we can. God wants nothing more than to heal whatever has wounded your heart.

We maintain contacts with groups that will help you find food, shelter, clothing, or medical attention. If your needs are met in those areas we can help by praying for specific requests with you. We pray that you will find St. Matthew’s a safe place to bring your hurts – so that you can begin to see Gods healing power in your life.

Healing Conference